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From left, Yujin Kim, Adji Cissoko, Jeffrey Van Sciver and Michael Montgomery perform in Alonzo King's “Sand.” (Chris Hardy/Alonzo King LINES Ballet). There is always a sense of keen anticipation when renowned Bay Area choreographer Alonzo King ...
It's odd that choreographer Alonzo King has achieved so many of his memorable Lines Ballet efforts, of which the new “Sand” is one, when he has worked with original jazz scores. Jazz means an element of improvisation; King's choreography favors control ...
PROUD villagers have spruced up their post box in honour of the Queen's 90th birthday. A group of villagers in Kingsand/ Cawsand, in South East Cornwall, have got their post box looking spick and span again in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th ...
A sweet seaside cottage used in the film Mr Turner has come on the market. The gorgeous coastal getaway in the village of Kingsand was used in Mike Leigh's biopic, starring Timothy Spall. The actor stayed at Little Islet, a two-bedroom cottage, where ...
Kingsand's oldest resident has reopened the village clock tower a year after it was battered by fierce storms. Dorothy Jago, 102, cut a ribbon to reopen the listed seafront landmark, which engineers initially feared was beyond repair after huge waves ...
A storm-battered clock tower has been officially reopened by a village's oldest resident. Dorothy Jago, 102, reopened the landmark building in Kingsand, Cornwall, which was damaged when waves destroyed some of its foundations last winter. A £600,000 ...
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