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Brill said fertilizer production is done using high temperature and pressure to break nitrogen gas into two ammonias. But the naturally occurring enzymes are able to do the same thing at normal temperatures and pressure. Continued study of the cycle of ...
Steve Brill has taken Donald Trump, and the media, to school with new revelations about a distinctly dubious Trump higher education venture, Trump University. The journalist-entrepreneur unveiled in Time magazine early Thursday an investigation into ...
On Sunday evening, CBS' 60 Minutes did a feature story on Steven Brill's new book, America's Bitter Pill, in which Brill complains that Obamacare didn't do enough to tackle the exorbitantly high price of U.S. hospital care. “Obamacare does zero to ...
"At every turn, when they tried to do something substantive to bring the cost down, such as control the price of drugs, deal with exorbitant non-profit hospitals' high profits, they were stopped by the lobbyists," Brill said. "And the best test of all ...
Interestingly, Mason briefly shared the stage at Thursday's news conference with legendary female high jumper Debbie Brill, the now 60-year-old Mission native whose Canadian record jumps of 1.99 metres (indoors, 1982) and 1.98 (outdoors, 1984) are ...
It wasn't long ago that Brill was a newcomer to the event. Because the steeplechase is not universally included in high school competition around the country, Brill wasn't familiar with the race until he became a Badger. Entering his freshman year in ...
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