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It might take several days for the moss to turn brown. Rake the dead moss, loosen, and add some top soil and re-seed the dead patch. To densen the rest of your lawn, use a slit seeder to seed your lawn. Got a rough, bumpy lawn? Bumpy lawns are ...
Removing debris, moss and dead 'thatch' from your lawn is the first job. For a smallish lawn use a spring tined rake and a bit of physical effort. For larger areas consider hiring a scarifyer with a motor, which will pull all the moss and dead stuff ...
... sr., Oregon Tech; Jordan Asher, sr., Northwest; Gabi Fenumia'I, jr., Evergreen; Brianna Fiso, sr., Northwest; Andrea Gloss, sr., Northwest Christian; Daesha Jackson, sr., Warner Pacific; Lindsay Loe, sr., Warner Pacific; Hanna Mack, jr., Northwest ...
We've got a gorilla suit. We've got Dragon's Breath. We've got exploding pumpkins. We've got a good time. Eric with the Moss Pawn/IV8888 gang take a light break from their normal seriousness to pitch in and clean up the yard with the help of a round of ...
The rake's sharp edge bites into the ground to clear out moss and debris, and a followup brisk cleaning with a wire rake clears up the rest. That done, I overseeded the lawns and top-dressed with soil blends I'd saved from emptying large containers of ...
The children worked hard at gathering handfuls of the cut moss and algae. Culminating in a contest to see who could get the biggest last pile. Arizona (Steinc), Emily Pearson and Britney Keith won first, second and third collectively and all the other ...
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