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Dine has agreed exclusive partnerships with ducal ancestral homes Carlton Towers in North Yorkshire and Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. The new partnerships are part of Dine's expansion plans for 2016 as the business looks to take advantage of a ...
Sky Castle Gastro Lounge, the new restaurant and bar from the brothers behind Sol's Sandwich Shop & Deli and Slice Pizza & Brew, will open Wednesday, Jan. 6, in the 29 Seven development in Birmingham's Lakeview District. The latest dining and ...
In addition to Shawn Ryan's Mad Dogs and Carlton Cuse's Point of Honor, the pilot slate also includes Cocked from Samuel Baum and Sam Shaw, Down Dog from Robin Schiff, The Man in the High Castle from Frank Spotnitz and executive producer Ridley ...
The four hour-long shows are: Cocked from Samuel Baum (Lie To Me) and Sam Shaw (Manhattan), Mad Dogs from Cris Cole (The Bill) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield), Man In The High Castle from Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files), and Point Of Honor from Carlton ...
The seven pilots are the hour-long series Cocked, Mad Dogs, The Man in the High Castle and Point of Honor; the half-hour Down Dog and Salem Rogers; and the documentary series The New Yorker Presents. Cocked, created by Sam Baum and Sam Shaw, ...
"Each door, window, archway and railing spindle of the hotel's castle was cut, applied and finished by hand, including the painstaking creation and application of 1,200 individual roof shingles," according to information provided by the Ritz-Carlton ...
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