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He witnessed the success of his hard work in the form of a 200-year reunion at the weekend, where 150 family members met at the Maidenwell Hotel to share stories. "The Rodgers name is very synonymous in the area and we have to be grateful for our ...
MAIDENWELL will host 200 descendants who are celebrating 200 years of the Rodgers family being in Australia. About 200 descendants of John Bernard Rodgers and Bridger Broderick will descend on the Maidenwell Hotel this weekend. John Bernard ...
The Nanango runner said he always ran to win and was further motivated after he won the 28km and half-marathon at Maidenwell last year. Cross said he ran a slower time than he would have liked but was hampered by his shoe drama. "I ran 10km without a ...
James Barclay had been the chief astronomer at the Maidenwell Observatory for the past decade, but his job title changed after he put the observatory on the back of a truck (three trucks, to be precise) and moved it to the Kingaroy airport. He's now ...
A primary school has increased its security following alleged reports of a man 'tickling' the tummy of a six-year-old girl. Police are investigating the incident which allegedly happened at Kestrels' Fields Primary School, in Maidenwell Avenue, Hamilton.
The contract is expected to start in end 2014 and the contractual value is approximately USD 10m if fully executed over the next 24 months. “We are pleased and excited over this important milestone in the development of Rexonic,” said Peter Spenger, ...
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