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Firefighters from Bourne and Market Deeping attended a roof fire in Thurlby just days before the Easter bank holiday weekend. It happened at a house in Northorpe shortly before 11.45am last Monday. The fire was put out by a builder with a water hose by ...
A man was killed last night (Monday, March 21) after a car hit him on the A15 between Northorpe and the Elsea Park roundabout in Bourne. Police were called along with other emergency services to a collision on the A15 Bourne Road, Thurlby at just after ...
In Mirfield as a whole some 68% of the electorate voted in Thursday's national and local elections but in Northorpe the original number of votes counted for the four candidates totalled just 1,074, which seemed too low to be true. Clr Taylor e-mailed ...
Roads were closed at the junction of Bourne Road and Milestone Road after the crash, thought to have involved two vehicles, which took place at about 12.20pm. There are no details about the injured man as yet but the A15 was closed near Northorpe and ...
The crash was reported to police at 12.20pm on April 13 and took place on the A151/A15 roundabout near Milestone Road. The A15 has been closed in the area of the A151/A15 roundabout towards Northorpe junction and drivers are asked to avoid the area.
Clare, who now lives in Deeping St James where it is safer for her daughter Tia-Jane (11) to catch the bus to school, said: “We're really pleased that the pedestrian crossing in Northorpe has gone ahead and I would rather have something positive like ...
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