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SAN FRANCISCO — One of three young transients accused of killing a Quebec yoga instructor who was camping during a music festival pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the instructor's death on Monday. Sean Michael Angold, 24, struck a plea deal ...
No California Love? California's Republican National Convention delegates are "chafing at the cheap seats they're getting for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland," according to CNN. As previously reported by, the California ...
Boutique adventure lodge The Inn at Newport Ranch in Fort Bragg, Calif. — which formally opened in full this year — actually took more than a decade to plan and build. It finally brought to fruition the dream of owner Will Jackson to share his ...
This is the dramatic moment a hungry killer whale toyed with a seal and sent it hurtling through the air while teach her young how to hunt. The massive mammal was spotted rising up out of the water and tossing the seal in the air in Monterey Bay in ...
But it's a biennial tradition for the California delegation. In the Golden State, candidates can choose their ballot designation, a short description, to accompany their name on the primary and general election ballots. The ballot designation is ...
A solar-powered airplane landed in suburban Phoenix Monday night after a daylong flight from California — the latest leg in its around the world journey using only energy from the sun. The Swiss-made Solar Impulse 2 arrived in the suburb of Goodyear ...
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