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Jeremy J. Lorey, 42, 1107 Mill St., Jasper, is charged with two Level 5 felony counts of dealing methamphetamine. Justin R. MacDonald, 34, 7932 S. Club Road, Ferdinand, is charged with a Level 5 felony count of dealing a narcotic drug. Cole M. Denton ...
"Polyploid" salamanders have been around some 6 million years, Denton said — far longer than most other animal species that reproduce asexually. Since a lack of diversity means having a smaller arsenal of genetic variation to fall back on when living ...
All four people in a three-vehicle crash Monday night in Denton were taken to a hospital. The crash occurred at north Loop 288 and Kings Row just before 9:45 p.m. Initial reports indicated that a driver may have been going the wrong way, the Denton ...
Aaron Robson said: "The English Bowling Federation held the National Indoor championships at Newark last week. The event proved to be very successful for Herbie Blacklock who plays for Burradon B C outdoors and bowls at West Denton indoor. Herbie ...
This is a fun imaginative book. It's about two people called Andy and Terry. Andy is a bit mean to Terry but they are really best friends. Andy and Terry have one day to write their story but their publisher, Mr Big Nose, has gone missing so it's up to ...
Denton explains that, despite how commonplace it seems, fire defines life as we know it, and our mastery of it was one of the greatest turning points in human history. The documentary makes a two-pronged argument: that Earth is the only planet where ...
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