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Police are investigating after a number of cars were vandalised in the north Shropshire area on Friday night. Numerous Vehicles in the areas of Wem, Clive and Cockshutt were severely damaged between 10pm and 11pm on Friday 22 April. West Mercia ...
More than five cars have been damaged in a one-hour spate of vandalism in north Shropshire. police-car-stock. Driver's and passenger windows were smashed on vehicles in Wem, Clive and Cockshutt between 10pm and 11pm on Friday. Police are now ...
Lucy Allan's accomplishment was headline news back in 1943 but it's not likely many people remember what she did. She was a worker at the Cockshutt plant and had the distinction of being the first "girl" welder to receive a government-approved welding ...
Remediation efforts of the polluted former Massey, Verity, Cockshutt, White Farm Equipment factory lands in Brantford, is still underway and is still smelling up the neighbourhood. But this may be just the tip of the toxic iceberg beneath most of what ...
Police watched for infractions at four high collision areas – St. John's Road East between Highway 24 and 6, Norfolk Street North, Cockshutt Road, and Brantford Road – on Friday and Saturday. The following charges were laid: 95 speeding, one careless, ...
On Easter weekend, police set up along four roads known to be among Norfolk County's worst for collisions: Norfolk Street North, St. John's Road East, Cockshutt Road and Brantford Road. For 10 hours on Friday and 10 more on Saturday, officers watched ...
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