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A country park and campsite has announced it is to start charging for guests to use its toilets after incidents of excrement being smeared on the walls. Lord Stones Country Park in Carlton-in-Cleveland has been frequently targeted by vandals over the ...
The newly restored Lord Stones café and restaurant could be next in line for the title. It's an equally remote and potty location for a restaurant, up a winding road that climbs for two miles from well- heeled Carlton in Cleveland, to Carlton Bank on ...
A CAFE owner accused of discriminating against motorcyclists has become the target of a hate campaign. John Simpson, owner of the Lord Stones Cafe, in Carlton-in-Cleveland, has become the subject of a Facebook page which contains threats and racist ...
“The key educational task is to give students an understanding of the fundamental structure” –Bruner (Harvard psychologist). The education sector has experienced cosmetic development from successive governments after the overthrown of the Nkrumah's ...
Lord Stone dismisses the claim as 'tittle-tattle'. But one Lords source said last night: 'I've never quite worked out what Andrew Stone was doing here. There was talk that Blair had been trying to go for Sir Richard Greenbury [the powerful chairman and ...
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