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MYSTERY surrounds a symbol etched onto the walls of a church near Bruton - which it is thought may have satanic significance. The etching, discovered recently at St Leonard's church in Pitcombe may just be teenage graffiti, but the church is trying to ...
The etching was only discovered recently at St. Leonard's in the village of Pitcombe and the church committee is unsure about its origin. Secretary of the Pitcombe Church Committee, Carol Wyatt, said: "We noticed it just inside the church doors after a ...
A church has appealed for help to determine whether a mysterious etching on its walls is a satanic symbol or simply child's play. It is not known when the inscription was made but the church warden at St Leonard's in Pitcombe, Somerset, only spotted it ...
AN ELDERLY man is worried that the speeding measures proposed for Bruton will slow down emergency services travelling along Cole Road as they respond to 999 calls. Pitcombe resident Sam Lowry has raised objections to the proposals which could see ...
In the hamlet of Cole, part of the valley parish of Pitcombe, south-west of Bruton, the river Pitt joins the larger Brue. For centuries these rivers have fed two mills here, though the mills' uses have evolved across the centuries to meet changing ...
The creation of the Vuoksi River and the subsequent rapid decrease in the water level of Lake Saimaa approximately 6,000 years ago revealed thousands of square kilometres of new, fertile land in eastern Finland. A multidisciplinary research project ...
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