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William Cash's recently launched “serviced country house” business, Villarum Estates, has made a play for one of the most important historic houses in Norfolk, the spectacular Grade I listed East Barsham Manor on the county's “Champagne Coast”.
الشرق Barsham مانور في نورفولك لا يبدو أن يكون بيع. صاحبها قد انخفض فقط سعر الطلب، ذكرت صحف الأسبوع الماضي، من 4M £ إلى أقل من 3M £. هذا هو 25٪ أقل. انها خفضت واضحة. اسمحوا لي أن أبدأ بالقول إن 3M £ لا يزال هناك الكثير من المال. ولكن ليس كثيرا كما هو الحال ...
East Barsham Manor in Norfolk doesn't seem to be selling. Its owner has just dropped the asking price, newspapers reported last week, from £4m to just under £3m. That's 25% off. It's reduced to clear. Let me start by saying that £3m is still a lot of ...
Police close the B1062 between Barsham and Bungay due to a RTC. PHOTO: Nick Butcher. Two vehicles collided on the B1062 around 7.15am today, a police spokesman said. Emergency services attended the scene but one man, in his 40s, was declared ...
Now living in the old Tasmanian farm where she grew up with her creative relatives, the artist recounts the influences that they, and particularly her environment, have had on her artwork. With art critics struggling to classify her unusual work ...
北京时间9月29日,2014韩国仁川亚运会田径项目比赛迎来第三个比赛日,在刚刚结束的男子跳高决赛中,卡塔尔选手(ARSHAM Mutaz Aissa M)跳出2米35,打破赛会纪录,获得金牌。中国选手张国伟以2米33获得银牌,卡塔尔选手 ...
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