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La «historia de amor imposible» que la pintora inglesa Dora Carrington vivió con el escritor homosexual Lytton Strachey fue la fuente de inspiración de Nogueira para construír Ham Spray, una colección que buscaba profundizar «en el lado lado más ...
Lytton Strachey, Rosamond Lehmann and her brother, John Lehmann, a publisher and author, at Ham Spray House. An archive of intimate photographs and letters of members of an elite group of early 20th-century intellectuals was released yesterday.
At Ham Spray, however, Partridge soon found herself regarded as an interloper. Carrington's marriage to Ralph may have been disintegrating, but Carrington resented Ralph's feelings for his new love, while Strachey regarded Frances as an inconvenient ...
It was a curious set-up at Ham Spray House in the 1920s. The Bloomsbury Group was given to love in triangles, so artist Dora Carrington was in love with Giles Lytton Strachey, the biographer, who loved Ralph Partridge, an ex-army officer; Partridge ...
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