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The West Salisbury Little League is gearing up for another opening day, but in the outfield looms the construction of a new waste water treatment plant (WWTP). The construction is nothing new, but after stalled projects, for the first time in over a ...
Elizabeth Police officers found the pink sow wandering along Cross Keys Rd, heading towards the Salisbury City Centre on Wednesday, February 24. Officers handed the pig in to Salisbury Council. A council Facebook post says the animal is safe and well.
SALISBURY — Steve Yang says the 13 Rowan County Little League girls who brought a softball world championship back home from Oregon in 2015 will appreciate the magnitude of what they accomplished as they get older.
The ecstatic crowd at West end Plaza was rightly excited. Rowan's little league team wasn't just the best in North Carolina or the U.S.. “They're the best team in the whole world,” Yang told the Salisbury Post after the victory. “Not many people will ...
A homeless, Salisbury, North Carolina man faces animal cruelty charges for allegedly stabbing a one-year-old puppy multiple times on Thursday night, reports the Charlotte Observer. Phillip John Shoemaker,23, was charged with stabbing the young dog ...
Goodman owned a bridal store and a quilting store in downtown Salisbury, and was the mind, and the green thumb, behind a cross-shaped flowerbed in the yard that bloomed every Easter. The fire began in the attic Tuesday night, Deborah Horne from the ...
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