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A former lodge with spectacular surrounding grounds and gardens has gone on the market for £399,000. Lower Lodge in Whitford, near Holywell, is a striking former lodge to Downing Hall, the home of Thomas Pennant, the renowned naturalist.
For more than 60 years the Lower Lodge operated as the main gateway to the Smyth family's lavish Ashton Court. Dignitaries and the landed gentry would enter the estate and be swept along the tree line in horses and carts before the majestic mansion ...
Built more than 200 years ago as the main entrance to Ashton Court, the Lower Lodge used to be a place where the wealthy Smyth family would impress dignitaries and landed gentry if strolling through the grounds in bad weather. But the historic lodge in ...
For decades the Lower Lodge that once formed the main entrance to magnificent Ashton Court has lain unloved. Now a £1 million project is set to make it a community jewel once more. Tom Morris reports. Pictures by Dave Betts. For more than 60 years the ...
It has been left to rot on one of the busiest gateways into Bristol for years. And more recently it has been covered in scaffolding and plastic sheeting. But these images show how the Lower Lodge on the A370 near Ashton Park School is expected to look ...
The largest, with 469 acres of Grade 3 land in a ring-fence, is Lower Lodge Farm at Harlaxton, Lincolnshire. As well as the Grade II-listed six-bedroom farmhouse, there are four farm cottages, along with modern and traditional farm buildings. The rent ...
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