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When the new sewage treatment works at Balladoole is completed, treated effluent will be discharged from the existing Mooragh Promenade outfall, while the Smeale sewage outfall in Andreas will be taken out of service. Mr Bell said: 'I strongly welcome ...
The exhibition also tells the story of a Viking man whose remains were found in the Balladoole ship burial in the Isle of Man. Using forensic science, researchers can tell he was a 45-year-old man who died in or around AD 950. A likeness of his face ...
A new facility for residents in the north of the Island to dispose of waste and recycle materials opens later this week. The new Northern Civic Amenity Site will officially be opened on Friday from 1.00pm. The Department of Infrastructure says the ...
THE new Northern Civic Amenity Site at Balladoole on the outskirts of Ramsey will be officially opened on Friday morning and ready for business for the first time the same afternoon. Completed within budget and ahead of schedule, the site will be ...
The site at Balladoole Farm would be able to deal with the recycling of paper, card, glass, metals, plastic bottles, clothing, waste oils, aggregates (stone, bricks etc), fluorescent tubes, car batteries, household batteries, and electrical items such ...
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