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Dean Prater used 20-thousand tonnes of waste to level off a slop and create more grazing space at Rhencullen Farm. But he hadn't asked for planning permission and ignored a notice from the County Council, so they took him to court. Prater, who breeds ...
Last Tuesday, one of the articulated vehicles broke down in Ballaugh and then the following day, a bendy conked out at Rhencullen, Kirk Michael. In both cases, the faults were minor and rectified at the roadside. The trial came to an end on Thursday.
This Christmas was a slightly different one for us at Rhencullen House: even less money about than usual. 'And how can THAT be possible?', squawk those long-suffering friends who've put up with my low-carbon (for which read pennypinching) ways in the ...
The so-called Fanzones each have a temporary grandstand and are positioned in some of the most spectacular viewing points including the jumps near Crosby and Ballacrye as well as at Rhencullen, Ginger Hall and Creg-ny-Baa. With seating for between ...
FANS will be charged up to £25 to watch from temporary grandstands at next year's TT. Five areas - Crosby jump, Rhencullen, Ballacrye, Ginger Hall and Creg-ny-Baa - have all been designated as 'fan zones'. As well as a temporary grandstand, each with ...
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