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THE Scottish SPCA is seeking the owner of a peacock who tried to squeeze through a cat flap in Aberdeenshire . Scotland's animal welfare charity was alerted when the bird was discovered outside a house near Ordhead, Inverurie, on Monday. The peacock ...
A peacock was rescued in Aberdeenshire after it became stuck trying to break into a family home – through a catflap. The Scottish SPCA was called after the exotic bird was found half-in the home near Ordhead, Inverurie on Monday. The peacock's owner is ...
A peacock tried to squeeze through the cat flap at a house in Aberdeenshire. The Scottish SPCA is now trying to trace the owner of the bird after the incident near Ordhead, Inverurie. The peacock, which has been named Felix, is now in the care of the ...
The bird, later named Felix, was discovered at a home in Ordhead near Inverurie on Monday. Felix was seen pecking at the windows of the house before trying to shove his head through the cat flap. He is now in the care of the Scottish SPCA's Animal ...
During a recent forum in Cape Town experts discussed various issues concerning private equity investments and opportunities in Africa. Here are five points to consider. Rory Ord, head of RisCura Fundamentals, says that pension funds could boost private ...
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