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A woman was taken to hospital following a two vehicle crash in Aberdeenshire outside a Georgian hotel. Police, ambulance and fire teams were called to the scene of the incident on the B977 Raemoir to Echt road, just outside the Raemoir House Hotel ...
Over the last month, Raemoir Garden Centre have been selling Poppy Bird Feeders and donating £2 from each sale to the British Legion in Banchory. Mr Elliot Mair, director at Raemoir Garden Centre Ltd handed over the cheque for £2,500 to Mr Alistair ...
Left to right: Logan Sangster (Summer Marquee Ball) Jill Randalls ( RDA) Maureen Mutch (FOB) Janis Grub (manager at Belffield Care Home) Neil Rae (Raemoir House Hotel). Front Seated: Gill Keith (Summer Ball Programme Co-Ordinator) and Dawn Law ...
Mr Malcolm Appleby, a collective prize of Dinner for Four at Raemoir House, Banchory Lodge, Tor-Na-Coille Hotel and the Milton Brasserie sold, and a beautiful set of Diamond Earings. Two Local artists offered support this year, with a private ...
Raemoir Garden Centre's catering operation, The Garden Restaurant and Raemoir Café, currently accounts for 30 per cent of the garden centres revenue, against an industry norm of 15-20 per cent. The brief to CDG for the first phase of the partnership ...
Christian Milne Trophy for best exhibit in the Handcraft Communal Entry - Vera Abel, Raemoir. Banchory-Devenick Trophy for best exhibit in the Housewives Communal Entry - Vera Abel, Raemoir. Millenium Quaich: Chairman's Choice: Christian Milne, ...
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