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Lantas, di kesempatan yang spesial itu, ia menyuguhkan koleksi bertajuk 'Cleorora', yang berasal dari penggabungan kata 'Cleo' dan 'Rora'. 'Cleo' berarti ratu, sementara 'Rora' mengacu pada Aurora, sebuah fenomena alam berupa cahaya kehijauan di ...
A Christchurch mother says she now fears for her daughter's life, after the 13-year-old was assaulted after school by a fellow student at Linwood College. Rora Morice claims her daughter has been bullied at the school on numerous occasions this year.
A Christchurch mother is demanding action, claiming her daughter's high school isn't doing enough to stem bullying. Rora said her 13 year old daughter was physically assaulted outside Linwood College last week. Students also punched her, held her down ...
There was an explosion of colour thanks to the arrival of the northern lights to local shores on Thursday evening. The aurora borealis sparkled in the night sky as James McKinlay, Sorcha Cantwell, and Peter Watkins provided these superb photos of the ...
It's hard to say what I think of Rora, the AI of a ship that's deeply, disturbingly in love with Quill–or, rather, J'Son, who Peter pretends to be in order to extract information. The idea of a romance developing between a dude and an AI has been done ...
Wenn Du Deinem Ex eine Textnachricht schreiben würdest, was würdest Du ihm sagen? Für „The Unsent Project“ hat die 19-jährige Künstlerin Rora Blue tausende anonyme Nachrichten an verflossene Partner gesammelt. Das Ergebnis ist eine bunte, ...
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