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Letham Grange Golf Club may have been feeling a little below par as a result of the legal issues affecting the Letham Grange Hotel which also owns the two courses used by members, but a new deal has been signed which will give them more control over ...
Letham Grange Golf Club has appointed Ross Nicholson as golf operations manager with immediate effect. He was welcomed aboard by current club captain Malcolm Turner and will replace the golf operations team of Ian Christine, Terry Cruickshank and ...
Joanne Gillies was commenting as the Supreme Court reinstated the decision of the Outer House of the Court of Session in Scotland in favour of Foxworth Investments Ltd, which had been granted a standard security over the Letham Grange hotel and golf ...
Throughout the 12-year legal wrangle over the ownership of the Letham Grange Development Group and the associated hotel and golf courses, the Letham Grange Golf Club, which makes use of the disputed facilities, has battled on regardless, and despite ...
Supreme Court judges have delivered another twist in the 12-year legal wrangle over the Letham Grange golf resort. In a televised ruling on Wednesday, a panel of judges overturned an earlier Court of Session decision and issued an ownership ...
Supreme Court judges are poised to deliver a final decision in the lengthy ownership saga of an Angus golf resort once dubbed Scotland's Augusta. In a televised ruling, the UK's highest appellate court will determine whether Letham Grange, near ...
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