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He was a reliable and thoughtful friend and the loss we are feeling across the school communities of Tundergarth, Hightae and St Mungo reflects the positive impact Keir had on all our lives. Our thoughts are with Keir's family at this extremely ...
Lynn McAulay-Sharp, of Tundergarth Primary, said he was a "very popular boy who made friends easily". The head teacher said the thoughts of the school were with his family at this "extremely difficult time". "He was a gifted athlete and excelled at all ...
Rainbow Over Bridge Street, Lockerbie, Scotland. The left part of the rainbow is anchored at the Lockerbie Golf Course. The right, toward Tundergarth Mains. Both were major sites of fallen bodies from Pan Am 103. Photo by Lawrence Mason Jr. (Lawrence ...
The bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie killed 259 people on the plane and 11 people on the ground in the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The nosecone and cockpit of the plane, as well as almost 100 bodies, fell on the land of Tundergarth Mains farm.
Memories of Alexia and Julianne, September, 1996. This is the oldest picture in the exhibit and the one that grabbed me and guided me through my work in Lockerbie. My students and I were taken to Tundergarth Mains, to stand on the spot where the nose ...
Gravestones lie underneath a tree by Tundergarth Church near Lockerbie, Scotland. The town has. Photo Courtesy of Lawrence Mason. Gravestones lie underneath a tree by Tundergarth Church near Lockerbie, Scotland. The town has a population of about ...
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