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Songs of Separation was recorded in the fabulous setting of the Isle of Eigg (in the Scottish Inner Hebrides). The process of cultivating the music was revealed to audiences each day, through a series of videos. The songs highlight the connections and ...
TICKETS for one of Scotland's smallest music festivals sold out in just five minutes yesterday, despite not one band or musician on the line-up being revealed. Howlin' Fling, the bi-annual shindig put on by the Lost Map record label on the Isle of Eigg ...
As he tells it here, John Cormack moved to the remote Scottish isle of Eigg in 1979. At that time, the only option for electricity was to purchase and fuel a diesel generator. Diesel generators are usually how isolated communities like Eigg across the ...
Scottish writer Hugh Miller visited the island in the 1840s and wrote in his book The Cruise of the Betsey published in 1858, the islanders of Eigg as “an active, middle-sized race, with well-developed heads, acute intellects, and singularly warm ...
Ben Cormack stands in the doorway of his home on the Isle of Eigg, Inner Hebrides, Scotland May 27, 2014. The Scottish island of Eigg has the first completely wind, water and sun-powered electricity grid in the world, according to the Isle of Eigg ...
Nicht einmal 100 Menschen wohnen auf der schottischen Insel Eigg – und sie versorgen sich quasi komplett mit erneuerbarem Strom. Laut dem Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust hat das 31 Quadratkilometer große Eiland das erste Energienetz der Welt, das sich ...
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