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Canberra sprinter Fell Swoop heads the market order for the Victory Stakes at at $1.65 while Knoydart shares the second line of betting at $6 with the Todd Willan trained Artlee. Victory Stakes market order at $1.65 ...
Brenton Avdulla thought he was beaten as Tim Clark's mount Knoydart lunged on the line in the group 3 sprint, but the two-minute long wait for the judge's decision was only the beginning of the drama. Bell, who was riding country star Artlee, tried to ...
Music Magnate's head bobbed to fend off the fast-finishing Knoydart and win the Group Three race at Randwick on Saturday. The judge took his time separating the pair and connections roared when Music Magnate's number appeared in the frame. Fast 'N' ...
After a lengthy perusal of the photo print, the judge was able to put Music Magnate's number eleven in the frame after he and Knoydart crossed the line together in a thrilling finish. Winning jockey Brenton Avdulla thought that Music Magnate ($5.50 ...
ARDINTIGH is a mossy lip of bay crunching with pebbles on the north-facing shore of Knoydart. This is one of the harshest and most remote places in Britain: some jerry-built cabins hunker to the heathered ridge above and a damp, hand-made house stares ...
A Highlander plans to sail across the Atlantic in a 65ft steel sperm whale which has taken him 20 years to build. Former SAS trooper Tom McClean, 73, lives by the beach on a remote part of the Knoydart peninsula only accessible by boat or a gruelling ...
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