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Norton Rose Fulbright - Data Protection The FCC announced last week that it reached a settlement with Verizon Wireless (“Verizon”) over its use of “supercookies.” More specifically, the FCC alleged that Verizon inserted unique identifiers into the ...
Verizon allegedly had begun inserting Unique Identifier Headers (“UIDH”) — the supercookies — into its wireless customers' HTTP requests since at least December 2012, but did not disclose this practice to consumers for nearly two years. The FCC ...
The "super cookies" are unique, undeletable identifiers – referred to as UIDH – which are inserted into web traffic and used to identify customers in order to deliver targeted ads from Verizon and other third parties. Even when customers tried to ...
On Monday, the FCC issued a consent decree hitting Verizon with a $1.3 million fine for injecting those tracking beacons, called Unique Identifier Headers or UIDH, into unencrypted traffic on its network without customers' knowledge or consent—a ...
“It's not a cookie at all,” she writes, “Cookies are placed and stored on devices. The UIDH is a piece of data included in the header of certain internet traffic. Like other ad identifiers, the UIDH does not contain or transmit any personally ...
Verizon confessed its violation of privacy laws and agreed to “pay a fine of $1,350,000 and implement a compliance plan that requires it to obtain customer opt-in consent prior to sharing a customer's UIDH [Unique Identifier Headers] with a third party ...
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