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Ewes: Suffolk: £103.50 (two) Wandon and Chillingham Home Farm, £97.50 Wandon, £93.50 Springhill, Seahouses. Bluefaced Leicester: £100 Fawdon Farms. Texel: £95 Ladykirk, £94 West Rennington, £93.50 Shipley Smallburn, £93, £92.50 Yetlington ...
Hoggs per kg: Beltex: 211.1p Ladykirk. Texel: 195.2p, 194.9p (two), 188.8p Ladykirk, 194.9p Shipley Smallburn, 190p West Longridge. Cheviot: 200p Birchwood Hall, 191p Murton and North Lyham, 190.5p Biddlestone Home Farm. Suffolk: 187.8p Todrig, ...
Hoggs per Head: Texel: £100 Crunklaw, £86 Elwick, £85 Ford Westfield and Ladykirk, £82 Ford Westfield and Ladykirk, £81 Ladykirk, £80 Elwick. Suffolk: £83.50 Ford Westfield, £80 West Longridge. Mule: £81 Ladykirk. Cheviot: £80.50, £80 (two) West ...
A small show of Hoggs, but all classes were keenly bid for resulting in Vendors receiving well inline returns. Hoggs per Head: Texel £100, £92, £89 Ladykirk, £86, £85 Moorlaws, £85.50 Kettleburn. Suffolk: £97, £84 Newstead, £87 Craigs House. Mule: £87 ...
Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £91.50 Yetlington Lane, £80 Broomhouse, Cambo, £75.50 Ladykirk, £75 Broomhouse, Cambo. Mule:- £79.50 8, Mordington, £77.50 Ladykirk, £70.50 8, Mordington. Ewes slightly easier but still a good trade. Leading prices ...
The 25-year-old, from the Czech Republic, was in the dock at Newcastle Crown Court charged with killing Zaneta Balazova. Zaneta, 23, was found dead in her home on Ladykirk Road in Benwell, Newcastle last Thursday. At 10.51pm police received a report ...
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