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A firefighter engages in cooling-down operations at the site of a fire that destroyed a house at Bonnie View, in Port Antonio today. Gareth Davis, Gleaner Writer. A Portland man is now homeless after fire destroyed his one-bedroom board house at ...
DALLAS -- A man is in the hospital after being stabbed and shot multiple times inside his Oak Cliff apartment. The incident happened at the Jac Ray Apartments on Bonnie View Road early Thursday morning. Police say they don't have suspect information at ...
Andrea Fischer and her two daughters spent a cool, misty Saturday morning getting dirty in the woods. They were part of a group of more than 40 people working to curb the spread of honeysuckle in a wooded area of the Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary, 3300 ...
DALLAS -- One person was killed and several were injured in a crash involving a van and an 18-wheeler. The crash happened early Sunday just before 6 a.m. on Interstate 20 near Bonnie View in South Dallas. Police say the driver of the van fell asleep at ...
About 30 volunteers, both children and adults, gathered at Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary on a soggy Saturday morning to pull, clip and spray pesticides on bush honeysuckle. The Columbia Public Schools Science Department helped organize Saturday's ...
PRINCETON -- Thursday night was a rare sight on the 400 block of Bonnie View Drive in Princeton. "They're out here all the time," Kenny Decker said. It's spring break and after 3:30 p.m., and not one child was outside playing. "It's scary. We're gonna ...
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