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Jane Doe No. 59, a woman who was found brutally murdered in 1969 in the Hollywood Hills, has been identified as Reet Jurvetson 46 years after her death. Jurvetson moved to L.A. in the fall of 1969. According to her one surviving sister, Anne, she sent ...
California police have now identified “Jane Doe No. 59,” but have yet to identify who her killer may have been, according to reports. The question still remains as to whether or not Charles Manson may have been her killer, but Manson gave investigators ...
The sister of the Jane Doe who was found near the Charles Manson killings in 1969 in Los Angeles said the original forensic sketches of the body were "inaccurate." The Los Angeles Police Department announced on Wednesday that "Jane Doe No. 59" had ...
When the body of "Jane Doe 59" was discovered with 150 stab wounds in the chest in the brush off Mulholland Drive on Nov. 16, 1969, it led to speculation that the unidentified woman had been killed by the Mason family — who just months before had ...
Reet Jurvetson (1950-1969) at eighteen years of age. Recently, Jane Doe #59 (1969, Los Angeles, California) was positively identified as being my sister, Reet Jurvetson. She was a victim of homicide on or close to November 15, 1969. She was stabbed to.
Manson, who is serving life in prison for his role in the infamous August 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and seven others, was arrested in October of that year, before Reet Jurvetson was killed. But, like the killings of Tate and other victims of ...
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