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May 1st 1628 was the second time that Thomas Morton had erected a Maypole at his colony in Merrymount; but it was to be the decisive event in getting him arrested and exiled by his fellow Englishmen. Morton—the forgotten Cavalier poet who was one of ...
MAYPOLE dancing and morris men traditionally herald the start of May.Here's our guide to some of the great events going on over the first bank holiday weekend. WISE WORDS: Poetry and performance fill the streets of Canterbury in Wise Words from April ...
LARGER than life characters are coming together for a community pantomime and dance around the maypole. On May 1 Bridport Youth Centre will house an evening of alternative fun with maypole dancing, stalls, a variety of family entertainment and a fun ...
The collaborative celebration of spring features Maypole and Morris dancing, live music, food and seasonal merriment for all ages. Admission is free. The festival will feature a performance by the Flying Gravity Circus, a community youth circus, with ...
The celebration, a collaboration between the school and the Temple-Wilton Community Farm, will begin with a Maypole dance on the oval with music on accordion by Leslie Vogel followed by a skit on Father Winter. The Flying Gravity Circus will perform ...
May day has rolled around again with the metronomic regularity of a spin round the maypole. But what is there to do for you May Queens here in Cambridge? 1:Trip around the maypole: If you must indulge in May Day traditions, why not do it at an 800 year ...
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