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NOT WANTED: John Dalton from Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group claims the recent poll conducted for Moreton Resources is not an accurate representation of the public mood on the proposed mine. Barclay White ...
A $200,000 glider from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is to be deployed in Moreton Bay to investigate the impact of the recent flooding on marine ecosystems. The move is part of a research program to monitor ...
Residents of Major St say they have abandoned a class action law suit against the Moreton Bay Rail Link construction company. The decision was made after it was determined they could not afford an independent study into the cause of the May 1 floods.
The Moreton District Police have been working with the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Human Services' Taskforce Integrity in the Caboolture and Deception Bay area, on a campaign aimed at engaging with the community to addressing ...
One year on: May 1st marks the first anniversary of the devastating floods which hit Moreton Bay region. We have revisited some of the heroes and those still trying to recover from the impact of the downpour that night. Seeing the light? Funding has ...
Yelverton pensioner Raymond Moreton who is in dispute with BT and Norfolk County Council over the his garden and the box in his garden. Photo : Steve Adams. BT Openreach is responsible for the broadband cabinet on the fringe of the lawn, which they ...
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