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An interesting feature of Pwlldu is the 'Pwlldu Tunnel' which runs from Pwlldu to Blaenavon through the hillside. The tunnel was originally created in the late 18th Century and was one of a number of mines supplying iron and coal to Blaenavon Ironworks.
The villages of Pwlldu and Granddyrys are now home to only five or six people, but were once a hive of activity morning, noon and night. The area has been immortalised in Alexander Cordell's Rape of the Fair Country, which depicts the iron workers of ...
A marine biologist has described the "horrific" sight of 55 small sharks washed up on a Gower beach. Judith Oakley believes the fish came to rest on Pwll Du beach because of bottom trawling. The fishing method involves using a large net with heavy ...
Their early morning stroll at remote Pwll Du, near Bishopston, was ruined by the sight of dozens of dead shark-type fish. It is not clear whether they had become stranded or had been caught by fishermen and then discarded.
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