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Cypress Health Region CEO Beth Vachon and Premier Brad Wall chat in the kitchen areas of one of the homes located in The Meadows during a tour Monday. The Health Region officially took possession of the long-term care facility on April 29, 2016.
Brad Wall a aussi ajouté qu'il continuera d'offrir ses vœux de Noël. Il réagit ainsi à une pétition déposée la veille demandant l'abolition de cette pratique. En effet, une vingtaine de Saskatchewanais s'étaient réunis devant l'Assemblée législative ...
Premier Brad Wall is holding firm on daily prayer in the legislature and his annual Christmas message. On Monday, Wall was responding to questions about a petition delivered the legislature on the weekend calling for an end to the prayer read as part ...
In response to a supreme court decision in 2015, where it was ruled that prayer was no longer allowed in city council meetings in Saguenay, Premier Brad wall has stated the ruling doesn't apply to provincial legislature and that he's never received a ...
After meeting with Justin Trudeau last week, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said he had told him that the prime minister "was uniquely positioned to be a champion, for want of a better word, for pipelines in this country." That burdensome encouragement ...
Politicians, like Alberta's NDP Premier Rachel Notley and Premier Brad Wall, believe pipelines are the silver bullet, quick-fix solution to all the problems plaguing the oil industry. It's almost an article of faith, a political mantra, that “getting ...
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