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Visitors to Beamish Museum in County Durham are digging deep into the past this half-term week as a special programme of events celebrates a turning point in mining history. Just One Spark, running until February 21, marks the 200-year anniversary of ...
Two hundred years of the life-saving miners' lamp are being celebrated at Beamish Museum this month. Just One Spark, which takes place during half term from February 13-21, charts the historic race to invent a miners' safety lamp in the North East.
Washington Arts Centre has been the home of The Davy Lamp Folk Club, which has been run by Terri and Eric Freeman and the team, for more than 40 years. It is a very successful club and has been recognised by the BBC as the 'Folk Club of the Year' ...
Preparations are well under way now to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Humphry Davy lamp during an event at the end of this month. The Humphry Davy Experiment Lantern Parade will be led by a Sir Humphry Davy model and the town crier, rousing ...
An event is being held to mark 200 years since the Davy Lamp transformed the safety of mining. Until 1815, open candles were used and ignited frequent methane explosions. Sir Humphry Davy's invention is thought to have saved as many as 500,000 lives ...
Amateur artist David Paterson, from Macmerry, created a 5ft tall Davy lamp in tribute to John McGuff, a miner from Arniston. The piece, made completely with recycled materials, has 105 poppies cascading from it, to represent the 105 people, including ...
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