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Cow leasing is a collaborative arrangement where a farmer with cows that are surplus to requirements can lease these cows to another farmer. When cow numbers are expanding there is a lot of capital tied up in the extra replacement stock and there is ...
Last month, we discussed an equitable arrangement for sharing the calf crop in a beef-cow lease agreement. That lease shared the calf crop in the same proportion as the partners shared the production expenses. In addition, the “cow owner” owned the ...
Today's record-high market prices are renewing interest in leasing beef cows. Doing so allows a rancher to run more cows without the added capital investment. Meanwhile, outside investors can gain a potential return on investment capital, plus a tax ...
Allied to this, is the already developed template for cow leasing to help reduce the initial financial burden on the new entrants to the industry. Contract rearing is already operating successfully in many parts of Ireland and has further potential as ...
According to the FDIC, the suit centers entirely on a cow-leasing scheme and funds the bank loaned to Johnson Dairy, one of the bank's largest customers. New Frontier's former Chief Lending Officer Greg Bell engaged in “multi-year criminal fraud” by ...
DENVER (CN) - The chief lending officer of New Frontier Bank ran a criminal Ponzi scheme based on "fraudulent cow leasing" that enriched him and his cronies but put the bank out of business, the FDIC claims in court. The FDIC sued Kansas Bankers Surety ...
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