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Work to restore access to Undercliff Drive at Niton is due to start later this month. Work to clear tree stumps and undergrowth will begin before construction work starts on 22nd February and will initially create a turning point at the Niton end of ...
Island Roads said the initial work would include creating a turning head for vehicles at the Niton end of the Undercliff. However, work on the new access road and pedestrian route will not start until ground water levels – where the main slippage ...
Isle of Wight Council said the work would "commence and be completed as soon as is possible". Some residents attempted to build their own road last month, but it was shut by the council over safety concerns. Undercliff Drive remains closed between ...
It stated fully repairing and re-opening the road from Ventnor to Niton would cost anything from £6m to £20m. Jon Gilbey, of Isle of Wight Council, said the options needed to be "fully and properly costed". "The welfare and concerns of the affected ...
Back in 1928, a huge landslide forced the closure and diversion inland of the original Blackgang Road between Chale and Niton and in 1994, a giant 40-metre section of the park fell into the sea. The last major landslip along Undercliff Drive, which ...
Residents remaining on a crumbling road on the Isle of Wight are to evacuate their properties as the land there is becoming increasingly unstable. Occupants of nine homes in Undercliff Drive, between Niton and St Lawrence, were advised to leave on ...
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