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“Out, damned spot! Out I say!” says the quotation on one page, but the illustration has a young Shakespeare chasing away the family dog, which has pooed on the floor. This to tell us about unsanitary Elizabethan houses. Not exactly Bixley's wittiest ...
As Donovan Bixley introduces his brilliant Much Ado about Shakespeare, “There's never been a period when [Shakespeare] has been out of fashion.” There are bound to be 10,000 conversations happening worldwide right now, inspired by one of ...
圖/Donovan Bixley,聯經提供. 分享. facebook; twitter; pinterest. 文、圖/唐納凡.畢克斯萊(Donovan Bixley). 戲劇的目的……在忠實地反映人性,過去如是,現在亦如是。──莎士比亞《哈姆雷特》. 威廉現在是獨占鰲頭的作家,會專門為他劇團裡的演員塑造合適的 ...
Emergency services were called to Bixley Road, Ipswich, at 6.50am to reports of a crash involving a bicycle and a Seat Ibiza car. A police spokesman said the cyclist, a woman aged in her 50s, was taken to Ipswich Hospital but was not seriously hurt ...
The Wisconsin State Fair starts Thursday (Aug. 6) and inspectors have checked and re-checked the rides to make sure everyone is safe. Joe Bixley is an independent ride safety contractor that arrived seven days before opening day. "Make sure all the ...
FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WNCN) — Two homes were damaged by separate fires in Fayetteville on Thursday afternoon, officials said. The first one was at 1725 Daisy Lane off Bixley Drive, off Pamalee Drive in the Cambridge/Greenvalley Neighborhood and was ...
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