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At Handley Bends between Abthorpe and Towcester a huge pile of white powder has appeared in one of the fields. “What's the white stuff?” is a question that has been asked by many villagers. A local farmer kindly explained that it was ground up gypsum ...
In the annual report of Abthorpe Parochial Church Council, Alison Robbins the Treasurer wrote that total income for the year (2015) was £34,462 which almost exactly doubles last year's total. However Alison wrote, this increase is a little misleading ...
Back in May 2014 Abthorpe Parish Council discussed a planning application to South Northamptonshire Council for a proposed solar park at Handley Park Farm in Towcester Parish. After its meeting our parish council issued the following statement:- ...
The River Tove in flood with Abthorpe village out of harm's way on the hill. Taken from the stile at OxbridgeVery many centuries ago, unknown people decided on a place to build a settlement that has become today's Abthorpe. They selected a shelf of ...
After pleading guilty at Northampton Magistrates' Court on Tuesday December 8 , Neil Breen of Home Farm, Abthorpe, was fined and ordered to pay £337 costs following the prosecution brought by South Northamptonshire Council (SNC). In 2013, SNC ...
The second episode featuring Abthorpe is entitled Hearts And Minds, a critical look at the outreach effort to legitimize the elected Afghan government. The Canadians focused on promising to refurbish wells in Afghan communities to gain their support by ...
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