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Six of some of the biggest rock legends are officially heading to the Coachella Valley in October for a new three-day concert known as Desert Trip. The three night concert kicks off Friday, Oct. 7 with The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan and His Band ...
Download the new “Rock Clock” app and you can wake up to motivating words from the Brahma Bull himself. It's a fun way to wake up with exclusive audio and video, it also works to keep track of your goals. If you are really ambitious, and a huge fan of ...
While many view Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as an inspiration, he knows it's all a matter of perspective. Being a wrestler, football player and actor is fun and all, but The Rock will never act like being a celebrity makes him a hero. Rather, he uses his ...
POLICE are investigating claims that members of a rock group allegedly killed a young seal before throwing it around near a stage at a music festival on the Isle of Arran, to the disgust of festival goers. A band member has denied the band was involved ...
The city is working to improve flooding problems in east Round Rock near the Oak Bluff Estates and Greenfield subdivisions following past flooding in the area. The Round Rock City Council approved an $80,295 engineering contract with Houston-based ...
BILOXI -- Police have arrested three Tampa, Fla., residents suspected of using counterfeit credit cards to get cash advances at Hard Rock Casino. Police identified them Tuesday as Mercedes Sabrina Fisher, 50; Daniel Ernest Myvett Sr., 48; and Darrick ...
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