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Julianna Barwick, the Lousiana-bred, Brooklyn-based atmospheric virtuoso, will not only make you feel: She will feel, too. She felt when she re-envisioned Bach's “Very Own” for the Red Hot Organization's Red Hot + Bach, remixed Radiohead's “Reckoner” ...
Bonura was elevated from assistant to head coach when Lyall Barwick resigned mid-season. He led the Owls to the playoffs and a first round win over Catholic league regular season champion John Curtis. “I think it is important for the new coach to come ...
Bonura informed the school that he plans to remain as a teacher, but will not coach baseball in any capacity in the 2016-2017 school year. Bonura was elevated from assistant to head coach when Lyall Barwick resigned mid-season. Bonura led the Owls to ...
Ethereal singer Julianna Barwick has the power to transport you to a place far, far way. In Jonny Ensall's case it's the Portuguese island of Sao Miguel. The Azores are a cluster of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 800 ...
Barwick, Lindell, Medford Assistant Police Chief Alan Juhl and Medford Police Officer James Shepherd were those recognized. At a recent ceremony, the men received medals of honor, plaques and a citation from the Oklahoma House and Senate for their ...
Julianna Barwick strips music to a few basic ingredients: the human voice, and often just two or three pieces of technological equipment. Primarily using just a looper, a sampler and keyboard, she sings brief, occasionally wordless, phrases into a ...
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