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The ruin of a former pub at Red Wharf Bay on Anglesey may be haunted by the ghost of a murdered wife. Ivy Nettleton was brutally killed by her put-upon husband Arthur Albert Nettleton in October 1945. She was hastily buried in sand a stones throw from ...
Auf dem Strand der Red Wharf Bay auf der walisischen Insel Anglesey entwarf Maurice Wilks im Jahr 1947 die markante Form eines Geländewagens. Unter dem Namen Defender ist er bis heute zu einer Automobilikone gereift. Doch jetzt heißt es Abschied ...
It's about as comfortable as being kicked up the rear by the Welsh rugby team, but any criticism today is misplaced because I am enjoying the thrill of driving a Series One Land Rover into the tide on Red Wharf Bay on Anglesey. You will be drowning ...
De iconische Land Rover Defender werd 69 jaar geboren in het zand van Red Wharf Bay, Wales. De onverwoestbare offroader gaat eind januari met pensioen. Een terugblik. Zandtekening Zomer 1947. Maurice Wilks loopt tijdens een vakantie met zijn broer ...
The milestone unit was specially outfitted with an engraved map of Red Wharf Bay (where the design was first envisioned) along with leather seats and special badges. The manufacturer handed it over to Bonhams, which auctioned it off as part of a ...
os bancos receberam o desenho da Red Wharf Bay, onde foram desenhados os primeiros esboços do modelo. Divulgação. Montagem do exemplar contou com a participação de fãs do modelo. O exemplar de número 2.000.000 do Land Rover Defender foi ...
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