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A husband and wife are to become joint priests of a group of churches near Welshpool in Powys. The Reverends David and Mary Dunn will be inducted to their new parishes of Llanfair Caereinion, Llanllugan and Manafon at a service later on Saturday.
Zaten wij te wachten op een remake van onze favoriete cd van 2009, 'Manafon' van David Sylvian? Nee. Zijn we tóch blij dat deze eigenheimer 'Died in the Wool: Manafon Variations' in onze brievenbus heeft gedropt? Ja! 7215_catalogue_11645_detail.jpg.
Manafon is a sister album to Blemish (Samadhi Sound, 2003), Sylvian's previous excursion into improvised music where he teamed up with guitarist Derek Bailey and pushed himself in another creative direction and plateau (a record also shadowed by a ...
Sylvian's most recent studio album, Manafon, is without question one of his most challenging ones Manafon is a recording of an all-improvised nature, where a stellar cast of improv musicians were cast. The end result was a recording with strange ...
Manafon takes the creative process even further, with Sylvian taking a series of free improvisations, performed by a cherry-picked collective of international improvisers, as the starting point, and shaping his words and loosely structured music around ...
His most recent offering, Manafon (which takes its name from the village where Welsh poet and clergyman RS Thomas lived and worked), continues down the same radical path. It features strikingly committed improvised performances from electroacoustic ...
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