News from Fermanagh
A: “Schools in Fermanagh-south Tyrone have the reputation of being some of the best in Northern Ireland. But, as with the rest of Northern Ireland, our education system faces funding challenges due to empty places and our divided education system ...
The funeral takes place this afternoon of the 89-year-old man who died following a weekend road accident in Fermanagh, just hours after he was released from hospital. The single vehicle collision occured on the Drumcor Road in Clabby on Sunday night.
A related problem, which shockingly is rarely mentioned, is that of the many people in Fermanagh who do not have access to the internet, not because of a lack of infrastructure but because they cannot afford it. This leaves them severely disadvantaged ...
“This is a huge issue in Fermanagh. Shamefully that ship has sailed in relation to the Collegiate, a school with an academic reputation second to none. One of the things that people can do is return MLAs and parties who care passionately about local ...
Q: “How will you stop our young people leaving Fermanagh-south Tyrone to live and work abroad?” A: “We are fighting against a tide of Tory austerity in order to create a strong economy for Ireland, and in turn our young people, it has been Sinn Féin's ...
Q: “How will stop the 'brain drain' in Fermanagh-south Tyrone?” A: “Sinn Féin has a vision to make Ireland a sustainable place to work and live, particularly for young people, who are our future. The creation of jobs has been impeded by a number of ...
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