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The results of two Exmouth by-elections have been revealed this morning. Residents went to the polls on Thursday and voted in Conservative candidate Bruce De Saram in the Littleham ward and Liberal Democrats candidate Pauline Garbutt in Halsdon.
By-elections are to be held in two of the council's five wards - Halsdon and Littleham. The candidates in Halsdon are Pauline Garbutt (Liberal Democrats) and Khristine Norton (Conservative). The candidates in Littleham are Sue Brooks (Liberal Democrats ...
Littleham Primary School year one pupils enjoyed handling newly-hatched birds. The treat was a part of the pupils' topic of looking at different animals. The birds came from Billingsmoor Farm, in Cullompton. Year one teacher Jo Poslett said they would ...
Suzanne Thomas-King and her husband Ian helped to set up The Exmouth Creative Crafts group, which currently has nine members and meets once a week at St Margaret and St Andrew's Church in Littleham. The group is currently showing how Jesus was ...
Fire fighters and highways crews battled for hours on Saturday to divert flood waters away from the home of an 85-year-old woman. The drama at Little Whitehall near Littleham began at around 8.30am when a stream burst into her cottage, with water ...
A winner was drawn at random and Mrs Phillips, who has lived in Littleham for more than 15 years, was chosen as the lucky winner. She has not decided what she is going to use for money for, but said it would be going to 'good use'. Mrs Phillips said ...
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