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Once again, Hanford workers seek medical attention after experiencing odors at one of the tank farms. This time it happened to three workers at the AP tank farm this morning. Three other workers requested an evaluation related to the smell of odors at ...
FILE – In this July 9, 2014, file photo, a sign informs visitors of prohibited items on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Wash. Officials for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation are trying to determine if a second... (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren ...
Workers at the Hanford tank farms have been required to wear supplied air respirators if there is believed to be an increased risk of exposure to chemical vapors, but suspicious smells continue to be reported by workers when not required to wear the ...
HANFORD, Wash. - Officials with the Hanford Site say twenty-six total workers were evaluated at the on-site medical facility for smelling odorous vapors at the tank farms. Robert Roxburgh, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) representative ...
Six more Hanford workers were evaluated for possible exposure to chemical vapors Monday, bringing the total since Thursday to 26. Monday three workers in the AP Tank Farm, where sampling was being done, reported smelling suspicious odors. None was ...
The new citizens hail from 10 different countries in Europe, North and Central America and Asia. Many had family and friends observing the ceremony, which had representatives from local auditor offices and civic organizations. Hanford High School's ...
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