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Knights of Skirbeck at Bubble Car Museum in Langrick. James Thomas in character as a Minstrel. The entertainment included music, cookery and tournaments between the knights. Photographer David Dawson rode his horseless wagon to the museum in ...
Die Dacharbeiten kommen voran: Ralf Bräutigam, Katharina Lang, Richard Gröbner, Alfred Hausmann und Gregor Lang (von links) auf einem mittlerweile vierjährigen, steinigen Weg. Auf dem Gerüst: Georg Demski und Rudolf Loder (von links) und, ganz ...
Following concerns about road safety, Lincolnshire County Council is proposing that the speed limit be reduced and extended from 40-30mph over Langrick Bridge on the B1192 and along Ferry Lane. It is also planning to extend the existing 40mph limit at ...
Margaret Langrick and John Wildman star in My American Cousin. The 1985 film is being screened at Burnaby Public Library's McGill branch for National Canadian Film Day. Photograph By contributed ...
Langrick Village Show and Flower Festival. Margaret and Warwick Gorse reseiving the Bast Kept Front Garden cup from MP Matt Warman. EMN-150709-103707001. 16:00 Sunday 03 April 2016. 1. Have your say ...
The driver turned off the road at Main Street, Langrick, into a garage site before doing a U-turn and emerging between the line of waiting traffic to go back in the opposite direction. Although she was moving forward very slowly and looked both left ...
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