News from East Lindsey
East Lindsey District Council is encouraging residents to register with the Lincolnshire Emergency Saving scheme to secure the best possible rates on their gas and electricity bills. The scheme is free for households to join, and there is no obligation ...
The number of people claiming out-of-work benefits in East Lindsey fell last month. This is according to Government figures released on Wednesday. The district's claimant count dropped from 1,770 to 1,575 during March. The fall is in line with seasonal ...
That is the promise of East Lindsey District Council after it emerged almost 1,000 new homes could be built in or near the town over the coming years. As part of the draft Local Plan, which will guide development over the next 15 years, sites have been ...
East Lindsey District Council, which manages the beaches, issued a safety warning. Anyone who does come into contact with the hairs is advised to wash the area with warm and soapy water. People who suffer from asthma, hayfever, eczema and sensitive ...
The comments come after East Lindsey District Council published proposals for its long-awaited Local Plan, which includes 32 homes on land at Thornlea, behind Wragby's Louth Road. Wragby parish clerk Steve Wallace said: “The parish council is very ...
The data reveals the number of children sustaining slight injuries has increased since 2012. Other areas of Lincolnshire saw West Lindsey ranked 24th, Lincoln 25th, North Kesteven 98th, South Holland 103rd and South Kesteven 182 out of 378 authorities.
Photos from East Lindsey
Southview Park Hotel Southview Park Hotel
Burgh Road
PE25 2LA Skegness
The Aldor The Aldor
19 Scarbrough Ave
PE25 2SZ Skegness
The Lyndsay Guest House The Lyndsay Guest House
13 Scarborough Avenue
PE25 2SZ Skegness
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