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Two Bothamsall women are to cycle in tandem Clumber Park to raise money for the Cystic Firbrosis Trust. Lorraine Barnes, 49, and Rachael Brader, 21, will take on the 50 mile challenge on Saturday, March 26, as part of Lorraine's '50 fundraisers for ...
Police were called to the scene on Blyth Road, between Bothamsall roundabout on the A614 and Thoresby Hall, at 3.10pm today. It was a single-vehicle crash and the driver was taken to Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham. The extent of her injuries are ...
A Bothamsall mum gearing up for a wing walk, a 114-metre abseil and having her head shaved as part of a year packed with mammoth charity challenges has received royal approval. Lorraine Barnes wants to raise £50,000 through 50 different challenges for ...
A MAN has been jailed for two years after he threatened to cause criminal damage with a petrol bomb and broke a man's nose and right cheek bone. Robert Hough, 37, of Hillside View, Bothamsall, Retford, was convicted of threatening to cause criminal ...
Keith HUDDLESTONE, 53, and Lesley Carol HUDDLESTONE of The Courtyard, Bothamsall, failed to comply with an enforcement notice at The Stable Courtyard, Lound Hall Estate, by ceasing to use the buildings or removing domestic paraphernalia.
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