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A PORSCHE stolen in South Staffordshire was later found abandoned in Wolverhampton after hitting a telegraph pole. The Porsche Panamera was stolen during a burglary in Coven Heath yesterday afternoon. It was later found abandoned in Grosvenor ...
LICHFIELD detectives are "eager for information" about a burglary during which a Porsche was stolen. The crime took place during yesterday afternoon (Thursday, April 14) in Coven Heath near Wolverhampton. A Porsche Panamera motor vehicle was stolen ...
A fisherman who died after plunging into a canal had a vertigo attack moments before falling in, an inquest heard. David Kidd suffered a cardiac arrest and died when he fell into the cold water off Shaw Lane in Coven Heath. At an inquest, a coroner was ...
The man fell into the water near the Coven Heath bridge, near Coven, at around 1.10pm yesterday. West Midlands Ambulance Service believed the man had a 'medical incident' before falling into the water. His wife went into the canal to try and rescue him ...
A fisherman died despite his wife's desperate rescue attempts when he plunged into a Midland canal. Paramedics said he suffered a “medical incident” and fell into Staffordshire and Worcester Canal, near the Coven Heath Bridge, in Wolverhampton at ...
The tragedy happened near the Coven Heath Bridge on the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal at Coven yesterday. The man had been fishing when it appears he suffered a medical problem and fell into the water at around 1pm. His terrified wife went into the ...
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