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Lochgilphead is in line for new industrial, tourism and community developments after councillors agreed a strategic masterplan for Kilmory Park. Part owned by Argyll and Bute Council and MacLeod Construction Ltd, the site will be split into five zones ...
PS's sister column Title Deeds reports that the queen of Chinese "soft rock", Tian Zhen, has joined the well-heeled residents of Point Piper, snapping up the penthouse in the Kilmory estate for $11.65 million. And who is Tian Zhen? Well, she cites ...
Zhen, who is based in Beijing and lists Tina Turner as her rock idol, bought into the harbourside suburb's coveted Kilmory Estate in Wentworth Street. The penthouse, described as an extravagant private haven is one of just seven unique apartments ...
The Beijing-based star, who lists Tina Turner as her rock idol, has bought into the eastern suburbs' landmark Kilmory Estate in exclusive Wentworth Street. Described as an extravagant private haven, the penthouse with harbour views is one of just seven ...
FILE -- An object that may be a Civil War-era cannonball sits near the spot where it was found with other items on the property of Candy and Bob McMillan Friday, Nov. 12, 2004, in Kilmory, Ala. The item was unearthed when Hurricane Ivan's winds blew ...
Officers were called to the 8200 block of Kilmory Court at 7:43 p.m. Saturday for a report of an armed robbery. Police said an 24-year-old Pizza Hut delivery driver was trying to deliver pizza to home when three men approached him. Two of the robbers ...
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