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These fish are pretty rare and the capture of one will often be the absolute pinnacle of any angler's career. So where are they and how do we go about catching them, I hear you say? They are in Harelaw, Lawfield and New Howwood but they are not the ...
They are in Harelaw, Lawfield and New Howwood but they are not the easiest of fish to tempt. Up at Harelaw, near Neilston, the shallow fertile water holds good numbers of brown trout over 4lb. I once hooked one of these big browns in water no deeper ...
You need a high level of dedication if you want to be a serious specimen pike angler. Stefan Jensen from Irvine certainly has that and a great deal more. We all know how horrible this winter has been but Stefan has been out on the banks of Harelaw ...
Claire Cain is now calling on people walking their dogs to do the decent thing by respecting cemeteries in the region and clear up after their pets. Carol Sharkey died in July this year, aged 66, and is buried in Harelaw Cemetery, near St Thomas's ...
MERGE: Harelaw School & Annfield Plain Community Centre are to merge together in former Greencroft School, near Annfield Plain, as a shared facility. Pictured are Rita Birkbeck, Annette Embleton and Gary Wilson from the community centre, Maggie ...
“Although saddened by the sight of old buildings, which I am sure hold many memories, being demolished, I am confident that such investment will give students at Hare Law what they deserve, first-class facilities that match the first-class teaching ...
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